Holly Jamesen Carr
 is the founder and managing partner of Trail 3, a consulting firm dedicated to making green…clear. Ms. Carr applies a unique combination of expertise in environmental consulting, usability, and education to challenging environmental issues. She believes that doing the right thing should be easy and works with clients to bring sustainable practices to their organizations. Drawing upon years of experience in usability, process analysis and interface design, she also supports organizations to develop environmental initiatives that are easy...even fun...to participate in. 

As a sustainability consultant, Holly has managed dozens of public, private and federal sustainability projects, assisting clients to implement environmentally preferable strategies for building design, construction, and occupancy. Previous to her work in sustainability, Ms. Carr worked as a liaison between engineers and customers on the User Experience team at Akamai Technologies before serving as the User Experience Lead at Attenex Corporation. In both roles she worked with customers to understand pain points in their business-as-usual, develop usable solutions, and collaborate with interdisciplinary teams to implement them. Ms. Carr holds a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Bachelor of Arts in French from Miami University, and a Master of Science in Communication from the University of Washington, Seattle, where she focused on learning in online environments. She is a LEED accredited professional.

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